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RESOLOVED Device Driver Error.

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I cannot confirm this for sure but I think as of the last Windows Tuesday update, my computer began on a daily basis sometimes more to just restart. I sent error report everytime & I will post pic as to what else came up telling me what it was (Driver Device Error). The only drivers that I had installed replacing my NVidia display driver at the time with DHZerpoints 9291 & it had been working just fine up until that point. So I uninstalled & reinstalled with NVidia 8421 & it seemed to work for a couple of days until this AM when I got the restart again & the same error reported. Now I have limited computer knowledge & have no idea how to go about tracking which driver is causing the problem or with what is the conflict with.

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What is the stop error (the numbers)? Do you have the OS set to display the Blue Screen? Obviously it doesn't say which driver is causing the problem (right?), so you should start by focusing on the drivers you have modified or changed recently. I assume the only ones you changed recently are the display drivers, if so do you use a driver cleaning program like Driver Cleaner Pro or The Guru of 3D's nvHardPage bundled nvidia cleaner? If you do not, I HIGHLY recommend doing so. Also if you have done those things or do them regularly (which you should with drivers that change frequently) you can try MS Driver Verifier. Type "verifier" in the run command box (no quotes). I've found that it doesn't play nice with Creative Labs X-Fi drivers, so be aware of that.
What is the stop error (the numbers) I didn't catch this, where would it appear so I know next time? The blue screen did not appear, so I would say no. I used Driver Cleaner Pro when I installed the DH 9291's & nvidia 8421's. It happened once more so I used Driver Cleaner Pro & installed nvidia's 9371's & I hate to jinx anything but it seemed to have worked this time. I thank you for your reply & the info given, appreciated.

If you have a restore point, go back and do a system restore to when it was working properly.
I don't know if a restore would be the best option. You could restore it, and still run into the same problem two days later, and your back at square one. You need to set your OS to not automatically reboot when it crashesin order to see the Blue Screen. System Properties>Advanced>Startup and Recovery section>Settings>untick Automatically Restart. You say since you installed the latest drivers you haven't had any problems, but still untick Auto Restart. It's always good to be able to see the BSOD, for if nothing else it gives you a starting point when troubleshooting (don't forget about Event Viewer).
System restore I tend to keep as a worst case option but I am getting to dislike using it more & more even although I have used it a few times. I will take the advice given on the auto restart & thank you both for the input. Event Viewer?
It seems to be, with what has been done it has been a few days since the last incident.
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