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Requesting Combofix/Sysguard removal support

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Hello. I would like to run combofix to fix fraud.sysguard as others have seemed to get rid of using the program, but it is advised to find support first, so here I am. My problem is sysguard won't clean in Spybot, or does but always comes back. I think sometimes it is not active as well but I could be wrong.

My pagefile is insane even with just my browser and one tab open. It goes as high as 1.40 GB. I'm not sure if the virus is doing it, but this is much higher than usual, and it creates a huge drag. I have a ton of disk space on this computer so... well over half... I recently removed a lot of stuff too, with no help from it whatsoever. To be honest, it's a fairly clean computer but a bit used, it's never been like this.

I posted on a Saturday night on bleepingcomputer, but it didn't happen to be very active and my topic got a bit buried before getting a reply. I posted all the common logs but nobody asked me to run combofix, I am advanced enough to run it and do the needed stuff. I have cleared every virus but this is the hardest I have ever had to fight.

Here are my logs. To prevent duplicate content on your forum...
Please let me to know if you want me to post combofix logs. I'm dying too.
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Hello, and welcome to TSF.

At this forum, like many, we have procedures we want our members to perform before requesting malware removal assistance.

We ask for initial analysis logs BEFORE we run tools, particularly ComboFix. While you see it used here often, it should not be run in an unsupervised environment.

m0le has replied to your topic at BC. Do reply there, as it makes no sense to duplicate efforts.

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