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Requesting Advice for a Newbie

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Just purchased a used IBM 240X notebook. Arrived with Windows XP Pro and Internet Explorer installed, a floppy drive, mouse, and a/c adapter. Have a USB CD drive on order.

Was able to plug in to my DSL modem last night and downloaded a trial version of WordPerfect Office... Seems awfully big!

What software do you experienced Windows users recommend for a first-time Windows user who's not rich? (Have always been a Mac guy...)

... and is this the right forum to ask newbie questions?

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This is a great place to just ask general questions.

that said, if you are looking for a Word Processor, I would check out Open Office.

If you are looking for software to match your mac's functionality, you can find free apps that will do pretty much everything you need.

Games are another story completely, unfortunately.

Just post what you are looking for and someone will most likely have a free or low cost app that fits what you are looking for.
AVG antivirus(free).
Zonealarm personal firewall(free)
Everest(free)Tells you about all your hardware/software.

These can be found easily by doing a seach on google.
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