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Replacement ASRock P43D1600TWINS1394

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Hi I'm going to be buying a replacement mobo and it needs to fit the spec of the one in the title as I cant find the exact model in the title anymore. Can anyone recomend one based on the hardware I list that it must support please?

Oh and it needs to be an ATX. I don't know if that's obvious, don't know much about mobo's.

DDR2 800 mhz RAM
2x IDE DVD Drives
Intel Q6600 Quad Core CPU (socket 775)
PCI-EX 896MB GTX260 ASUS GEFORCE Graphics card
Asus Xonar D1 7.1 PCI Soundcard
2x SATA Hard drives

This will be a dual boot PC with XP 32bit on one drive, Vista 64bit premium on the other.

Many thanks.
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Thanks for the responses. One final question, tried and failed to find the info. Will this mobo be compatible with Sata2 hard drives?
Yes it will be compatible with with SATA 2.
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