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replaced mother board have error of product invalid

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Product Information not valid the following program in system board is missing or invalid system board (00A)- Product number.
Hit enter to continue boot and Win 7 comes up normally. Bios has a blank field for product number. Can't edit it from the bios page. How do I edit this?
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What motherboard is it?

Did you clear the cmos before assembaly? if not do so and see if that helps.
Also list your full system specs
PC Specs?
Pre-Built Brand & Model Number
Custom Built-Brand & Model of Mobo-CPU-RAM-Graphics-PSU.
Brand & Model Number of the replacement Mobo?
If the PC is OEM the OS was tied to the Mobo and you would need a retail version of 7.
PC is a HP Pavilion dv4t, Intel T6500 2.1G, new system board is HPL-576944-001, sps-pca, UMA, GM45,1. No I did not clear the CMOS after install.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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