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Hi, I recently ran into a computer problem with my laptop.

When booting up Windows XP, I get the BSoD which has the error:

Stop: 0x00000024 (0X001902FE, 0XBA4F7344, 0XBA4F7040, 0X8A7AA805)

This is an NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM error.

I created an USB Bootable XP installation and went into Recovery Mode to run chkdsk and apparently, the directory cannot be found. When typing dir into the command prompt, it leads me to the directory of the removable SD flash drive on the laptop. I am befuddled as to where to go from here. It seems as if I need to re-route my hard drive (which is an SSD) back to C:\. :4-dontkno

Can anybody help?


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