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Repeated halting of internet traffic.

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While surfing the internet, suddenly you find that
"Communications with the internet is now halted"

Security software, on my IBM laptop T43, is Trendmicro.

I can restrore the internet traffic by clicking on that option in a Tremd Micro dialog menu. But, after a short while, the communication is halted again!!!!

It is very annoying.

Worst, I do not know who is responsible for this mischief?

My primary browser is Mozilla Firefox. But, this problem occurs even when I use Internet Explorer on rare occasions.

Thanks for listening.
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First, run a spyware, adware and av scan on your computer. See if you come up with anything from that. If you don't come up with anything there. Then open your task manager. Look in the processes tab and see what is running. If you see anything that doesn't look normal google it if you can, or just stop the process, and see if that helps.

Thank you.
Daily scheduled scan by Trend Micro does not show any intrusion,

The suggestion to look in to the Task Manager, forced me to find the way to OPEN the TASK MANAGER: use Ctrl-Shift-Esc.

I found a long list of tasks........nothing that looked suspicious.

I hope, the problem would vanish of its own, just as it came uninvited.

Thanks again for adding to my knowledge.
I would ditch Trend Micro if it did that to me. I non-invasive prefer freeware solutions.
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