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Hey everyone, I usually don't post on these forums but I'm stuck with an irritating problem that I just can't figure out.

I'm running Windows XP SP3, with the most recent updates,

My system consists of
Intel Core 2 Extreme 3.2 GHZ Processor
Nvidia GTX 280 with the latest drivers
4 gigabytes of RAM, it reads about 3.2 or so.
SB FX Fatal1ty Championship Series with most recent drivers

My virus scanner program is VIPRE registered version. I'm also running some of uniblues enhancement programs such as registry booster and PC optimizer.


Just recently, upon startup there is a command prompt that opens up and closes really quickly, and it is proceeding to do that as I'm typing. I managed to take a screenshot of it as it flashed by.

The path is, C:\Windows\Installer\MSI193.tmp

Now this is extremely irritating since I can't do anything on my PC with this command prompt that keeps popping up and closing immediately. now I've used windows system recovery to roll back to some earlier date and this solved the problem for about a day. However, it just resurfaced again for the 3rd time. I'm not sure exactly what to do, whether it be a virus or a bug with Windows Update because this happened after I got updates for SQL Server SP3. I can't uninstall it either, I've tried running virus scans, came back negative.

If anyone can shed some light on this, I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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