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Hello everyone.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been experiencing a problem when gaming on my fairly new PC that stands on my desk (and is cleaned regularly). Within almost every single game I play, there will always be a significant frame drop that lasts about 0.5-1 second, almost like a stutter or choke of some kind, which will then instantly go away and will resume smooth gameplay. This keeps reoccurring every 2-3 minutes or so, if I’m lucky. On a bad day, it’ll happen every 30 seconds.

I’ve ran a couple of benchmarks and stress tests and they’ve all reported that my PC has great frame stability, along with overall good stats, and shouldn’t have any problems running games. What’s so strange to me is that when running these tests, there’s no hiccup whatsoever, everything is smooth and as it should be, but the problem will still show up in-game. My temperatures for both my processor and GPU are well in the average range and are not overheated, also indicating that there isn’t any bottlenecking.

I’ve tried using EmptyStandbyList as well as StandbyReclaim to no avail. I’ve installed each game separately on an HDD and SSD, and while the SSD is much faster, the problem still arises on both. I’ve tried things like reapplying thermal paste, cleaning dust in my PC, changing SATA ports, buying faster RAM, upgrading the GPU, upgrading the CPU, upgrading the monitor, unparking the CPU cores, adjusting the affinity and priority for certain games in the task manager, toggling V-Sync and G-Sync, lowering the resolution, maxing the resolution, removing GeForce Experience, uninstalling Nvidia Audio Driver, using older drivers, reset and updated the BIOS, updated the chipset drivers, reinstalled Windows 7 through 10, and there might be some other things I’ve done that I’m forgetting but the point is that I’m really trying to get to the bottom of this.

If there’s ANYBODY who thinks they can fix this problem and is willing to help me out, I’d be insanely grateful. Please and thank you!

My PC build has a GTX 1080, R5 1600, 16GB of dual-channel memory, running on Windows 10.

Thank you for your time!

TL;DR: My PC suffers from microstutters. I’ve tried a lot of things with no success and I don’t know what to do anymore. Help me, please and thank you!
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