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Removing OS

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Looking for some advise. had problems with windows XP (comp wouldnt boot up) had problems re-installing windows eventually had to re-install in a new windows folder.

Problem now is that when the computer books up i get the option of 2 windows XP operating systems to select. 1 works and 1 doesnt. How do i remove the one that doesn't. I have booted the coputer up with my windows cd but as far as i can see it only recognises the new windows folder.

Any advise would be welcome.
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Here is an article describing how to remove or add OS to the OS selector:

Hope it will help.
Click Start>right click on My Computer>Properties>Advanced>Startup and recovery settings>Edit
and then just delete the entry that is no good
Windows folder

if i delete the second option, will that be the second os listed on bootup. what happens to the windows folder for that os can i just delete it.
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