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Removing Heat Sink

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Anyone have any tips on removing heat sinks? they're an absolute c**t to take off.

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What are trying to remove a heatsink from? If there are no mounting screws it is probably glued on. Some people have had luck removed heatsinks by placing the item in the freezer overnight then applying gentle force to remove the heatsink.

Remember, this method is not without danger. It is possible to damage the chip the heatsink is on. Removing the heatsink may also void the warranty.
I'm trying to take it of the mobo. You know how you have the metal strip running down the middle and it clips on to both sides of the thing the processor fits into. That thing. I can't get the metal strip off the clips.

two types of clips

there is two types of clips that i have seen for the standard socket7 processor heat sink. one has a dangly thing on one end that allows it to be unclipped. the other has to be removed with a tool. i personally use a pair of needle-nose pliers. i grab the side of the clip next to where it locks onto the tab, and twist it sideways. the only draw back is that you will need a new clip.
as far as being gentle, i have been pretty rough with them and never have i killed one, but i know it can happen.

hope i helped

It obviously depends on which specific socket you have. I've had some difficulty with the AMD socket-A heatsinks, some of them can be a bear to get off! There's normally a little slot for the tip of a screwdriver, you have to push down and then lever it out over the nubs on the socket. Be somewhat careful, because two bad things can happen here.

(1) The screwdriver slips out of the notch and gashes the MB, time for a replacement.

(2) Too much force breaks off the nubs on the socket, see remedy #1. :)
Heh... its an AMD Socket-A. *sigh*. I spent about 20 mins trying to get it off and no luck. Gonna try again tomorrow.


If you haven't done so already, remove the MB from the case, remove all the other stuff like memory, and place it on a static supressing surface, like the conductive foam that normally comes under the board in the shipping box. It makes it a lot easier to work on it, the last one I took off was in the case, and it was much more difficult, no room to work! :rolleyes:
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