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Removed spyware now i.e. doesn't work

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Hi guys

A friend of a friend sent me an hp laptop that was having all kinds of trouble doing pretty much anything. After an hour of trying i was finally able to fight thru what seemed like hundreds of pop up ads and download adaware + the updates. Killed all the running processes I could and ran adaware removing over 1000 pieces of spyware. Then it took me another day to remove the ones adaware couldnt get by killing the process tree in task manager and manually deleting the folders they were in. Finally at startup the task manager processes looked good. When I tried to get back online however(just from network card into dsl modem) i found that i.e. will not work. And i get the dreaded res://C:\WINDOWS\System32\shdoclc.dll/dnserror.htm page not found error. Also I'd like to mention in Local Area Connection status it says I am connected but it always says 3 packets sent and 0 received. It also says that the network card is working properly. And to make matters even worse the cd rom drive seems to have failed completely, making a repair from an xp cd impossible. Ive tried to access the internet via dial up on an old version of aol but my buddy list wont pop up and the browser wont even open when i type something in the address bar. So basically im wondering what if anything can i do not being able to access the internet or the cd rom drive, any help would be appreciated.
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Hello and Welcome to TSF

Download WinsockFix and unzip it. Then double-click on it to run it.
Reboot and try to connect
geekgirl thank you for your reply. I only wish i could run winsoc fix, but said laptop cannot connect to the internet, is there anything else i can do?
Do you have a floppy drive or USB memory card?
DOH, I should have explained this :rolleyes:

You need to download it from another machine via floppy/thumb drive

Also make sure your homepage is set correctly. Open the Control Panel>Internet Options. Your homepage may have been changed due to the infection, just retype your page preference.
one problem with deleting files is that these files maybe dll files dll files are dynamic linking library files these files are sometimes shared with spyware and legitamate files spybot has an undo function because sometimes when you delete spyware dll files that are shared with legitamite programs are deleted and the legitamite programs no longer work i am not sure if system restore would work in a case like this
Can you get into Safe Mode with Networking? Try IE there and see if it works. If it does, you still have spyware/virus issues. I would recommend going to and run the free virus and spyware scans from that site. They do a pretty good job, and can be run in Safe Mode.
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