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I know there are a few threads on networking and maybe some about what I am asking, but I after reading countless articles and how-to's, I am getting a wee bit confused.
Here is the deal:
What I am working with:

DVR H.264 (No Name)
Wireless D-link router
Hp Laptop DV9600 with Vista 32 SP2
Hub 2000 Bell Router

My wife and I are super's in a medium sized apartment that has some CCTV camera's. The DLink and DVR are in an office below my apartment. Hard-wiring or transferring the DVR upstairs is a negative. I have to go downstairs any time I need to view recorded video and we would love to be able to watch the CCTV in real time.
I understand about having to config everything, but I'm confused about how I make the Dlink config to "talk" wirelessly to my Bell router. Or do I need to?
Is my laptop talking to the dlink? Is my laptop going through the Hub2000 and then the Dlink and then ultimately to the DVR?
Do I config the whole works based on my Hub 2000 Bell router?
ie the DVR needs to config to the Dlink? Then somehow I configure the Dlink to my Bell router?
I am (as you can tell) a bit of a noob (but a quick learner) about networking and very confused now after reading lots of posts/articles and links from all over, even YouTube videos!

Could someone guide me through how configure it all to remote view the DVR?

Please help!

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