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Remote Restart Issue

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I work in a network computer environment and recently everyone here has learned how to remote restart other users computers using administrator rights.
It is done through the cmd prompt the way we were shown.

My question is this. Is there anyway to change security settings or prevent people from being able to remote shutdown your computer? If not, is there anyway to figure out who is doing this? Possibly a shutdown log or something of that nature.

Working in an office environment like this and having someone who's messing around, if you dont save your work every 5 minutes your work gets flushed.

Any help would be appreciated
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yes, i understand that i can just do a shutdown -a,
however the person shutting down has been running a shutdown -t 00 to give you 0 seconds to respond to the shutdown, it's instant
negative, if the workstation is locked i do believe an error pops up telling them that the workstation is locked and cannot be restarted.

However most of the time they try to do the remote shutdown i'm on the machine so so everything just closes and and says windows is shutting down

They do it through the cmd prompt using shutdown -s -m \\compname -t 00 under an admin name. I know there are also several users within our office that cannot work with cmd prompt so they have a program they use.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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