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Remote Desktop connection

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Hello there - I wonder if someone can help me. I upgraded to 50mb broadband last week, and since that time I have been unable to use my remote desktop connection to connect to my work pc via my laptop at home. I can connect to the server, but then not the remote desktop connection. My router is a D-Link DIR-165 and I wonder if it is a setting on there somewhere, maybe a firewall?

I took my laptop into work today, and it is not a setting on there as I was able to connect remotely - it just seems to be from here.

I am very untechnical, and worried about altering something I don't understand....

Anyway, if someone could please help, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks very much in advance!
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Hello and Welcome to TSF!

Are you still using the same Modem? Perhaps a Power Cycle is needed. If it didn't help please update us.

1. Save all your current work, close all open applications, then shut down your computer. Wait for a minute.
2. First, turn your Router off and wait for a couple of minutes.
3. Turn off your modem.
4. Disconnect all the ethernet cables that are connected to the router and modem and the PC.
5. Reconnect them and ensure that there are no loose connections in between them.
6. Now, switch on your PC and let it boot.
7. Switch on the modem first and after it gets initialized, switch on the router.
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