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Remote connection to windows server 2003

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Hi, just wanted to know how to remotely connect to a windows 2003 server machine and opening ports and configuring the network cards and configuring a dyndns account to the adsl modem. I already have a dyndns account. I have tried to configure and open port forwarding on the modem but when I try and access the machine remotely it connect to my modem not the server. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong. Note I have two network cards.
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you enable rdp access on the server
you forward port 3389 to the static ip of the server
you access the server via the wanipaddress:3389

you can't forward a port with a modem. It requires a router. Is you unit a combo of both modem and router?
How are you trying to access it remotely now? What brand and model is your 'modem'? The modems I'm familiar with were just pass-throughs. I'd imagine the newer ones probably have more router/firewall functionality, which might make things a bit trickier.

What kind of IP address are you getting on your Windows Server?
It's a belkin adsl 2+ 11n dect IAD
Model: F1PI243EG.
Thanks guys will try the suggested solution and will get back to you all.

Make sure that the user you are trying to have remote desktop privileges and rdp is enabled.
check whether your firewall is blocking the rdp port 3389.
Check whether you have configured the public IP is correct and accessible
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