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Remote boot in Linux

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I would like to brief you about our current setup and the problem we are facing,

Current Setup:

1. We are booting 50 clients remotely from Linux server (Fedora 10 : K12).
2. Clients accesses content from web server (Apache Tom cat).
3. Remote boot and web server are two different machines.
4. Content is mostly video embedded in html pages.

Hardware Specs:

Remote boot Server : Dual Processor Xeon Processors with 16 GB RAM

Web Server : Xeon Processor with 8 GB ram

Network : All the clients and servers are connected on a Gigabit network.


1. Up to seven systems booting is normal and videos are playing without a lag, above that the remote booting is slowing down and videos are not coming up at all.

Solution needed: We want all the 50 clients to be able to access the web server at a time ( Content is video embedded into html pages.) and play the content.
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