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My 3 year old machine specs are the following:

ASUS A8N32SLI Deluxe mobo
AMD FX55 processor
2GB OCZ RAM (can't remember the exact model)
BFG nVidia 8800 GT video card
Sharp Aquos 46" TV (DVI out)
2 74 WD Raptor 10k HDD in RAID 0 (C: drive)
1 500GB Hitachi HDD (D: drive)
Sony DVD+-RW (can't remember exact model)
Onboard RealTek AC97 audio, S/PDIF out to receiver
Sondigo Inferno CMI-8788 sound card, S/PDIF out to receiver
M-Audio JamLab sound card (USB)
Netgear WAG311 PCI WiFi card
Saitek Eclipse keyboard (USB)
Logitech MX-510 mouse (USB)
Nostromo n52 gamepad (USB)

I've included Belarc Advisor output in the attached ZIP for full details, named (Htpc).html (licenses removed).

This is my hobby/HTPC machine so in terms of software I have everything from Photoshop to Pro Tools to MATLAB and everything in between installed (see attached Belarc Advisor output for details). It's run extremely well for over 3 years, virtually 24/7, with a BSOD or other lockup occurring only every 6 weeks or so.

About a month ago I upgraded to XP SP3, installed a new antivirus (Kaspersky Internet Security 2009) and upgraded various drivers to the latest versions including my motherboard, sound card and a few others recommended by Microsoft Update. Since then I've been experiencing random BSODs that seem to be getting more frequent, in the past 2 days I've had 6 for example. There doesn't seem to be a clear trigger, in that one time it crashed in the middle of a movie, another time upon loading iTunes, another time it crashed overnight with uTorrent running. I don't have System Restore or any rollback options available, so diagnosing and fixing the problem is the only option available to me.

I've gotten minidumps from the past 6 dumps, the text output from !analyze -v is included in the attached ZIP. Here's a summary:

Process Name: wmiprvse.exe
Image Name: aksfridge.sys

Process Name: System
Image Name: SiWinAcc.sys

Process Name: zplayer.exe
Image Name: wag311n5.sys

Dump 4: BAD_POOL_HEADER (19)
Process Name: System
Image Name: ntkrnlpa.exe

Process Name: firefox.exe
Image Name: nv4_disp.dll

Process Name: ekrn.exe
Image Name: Ntfs.sys

Process Name: ekrn.exe
Image Name: Ntfs.sys

I have all available Microsoft Updates installed as of November 24 2008.

I ran full scans with Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 and NOD32 with latest definitions and found nothing. I've attached a HijackThis log in the ZIP just in case.

I thought it might be bad RAM so I ran memtest86 overnight for 10 passes but got no errors.

I saw a few of the errors might be IRQ related so I checked my IRQ settings in Device Manager and noticed a couple of IRQs are shared between relatively high-performance devices, this may be a red herring but I thought it was unusual. Screenshot below:

Any advice would be helpful as I don't seem to be making any progress on my own. Thanks in advance!


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Check the voltages, fan speeds and temps in the BIOS.

What's the brand and model of the power supply ? With your video card and additional pci cards you need a good quality 750W+ supply, check the recommended models for that wattage and above at the bottom of this thread. An insufficient supply will build up heat inside the case, damage components and cause unexpected shutdowns.

Check the hard drive for errors : chkdsk c: /R.

You admited using a P2P program (utorrent). As Geekgirl said in your other thread we won't help further. This thread will be closed. Please don't start a new one and contact Geekgirl if you have more to say.
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