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Registry Repair

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I was fixing the msimn.exe according to the ms website....
and deleted some identity files. Is there some way to get them back?
Also, is there anytype of system restore in Windows NT 2000 professional??

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yeah there is call GO Back and is made by Roxio

Repairing, Recovering, and Restoring an Installation of Windows 2000

The information in this article applies to:
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
Microsoft Windows 2000 Datacenter Server

This article was previously published under Q268106

This article contains a link to a chapter in the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit Operations Guide that describes preventative measures and strategic planning that you can use to repair, recover, or restore an installation of Windows 2000.

This chapter describes how to accomplish the following tasks:
Repair a Windows 2000 installation.
Restore system-state data.
Restore the registry.
Restore data.
Recover your disk configuration.
Recover data in remote storage.
Additional resources.
See the following chapter in the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit Operations Guide:

Last Reviewed: 10/11/2002
Keywords: kbenv kbinfo kbsetup w2000setup KB268106
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registry repair

Thanks very much, you guys are awesome in here.
For people like myself, that know absolutely nothing about make it easy for us to get the help we're looking for.

:clap: :cheers:

thanks....but by plugging away youll be right there help someone else!!

repair my skill level............( lol lol ) the best I can do is send your site addy to all my friends. Consider it done. :winking:

i am no professional computer user either, in fact, i am still really lost in all of it...

but alot of the times people are asking about things i have worked through.

things like how to make shortcuts, and how to change certain settings. and on the common occasion that i am a little unsure, i go to a search engine, or i ask some of my relatives who are better than me. then i come back here and reply the best i can. i know i have been wrong more than once, but when i am someone who knows will correct it. (hopefully before my bad advice hurts something) but so far, i have been able to help quite a few times. and i also ask alot of questions. some of them are a good way to get an idea of my level of skill. but, stick around, ask about anything that plagues you. and if you see someone having problems that you are knowledgable about, then try to help. it isnt only about giving advice here. the main point of this forum is for us to help each other with our problems, and share our experiences, and to combine each and every one of us in a way to combine our knowledge. ya know, two heads are better than one....

this is sort of a "tech support think tank" where a question will be pondered and commented on by some of us, and then the question asker is able to conclude who knows what thay are talking about, and they are more informed on what is happening to their pc...

also, we like to kick it alot too, just and sitting around sharing funny stuff. but hey, i'm always glad to see people coming here and sharing. it has helped me alot of times.

and sometimes i look through old posts, and i learn alot from them. there is no "Big Book Of Computer Techniques" but there is forums like this..

and sometimes i link them together, by seeing someone here with a problem and going to another forum like this and asking there. then if i get an answer i research it a little, and then i share my knowledge.

i really like it here, and even here soon when i won't have access to the internet i will be checking into this forum from friends's houses. and with a name like i wont be forgetting it anytime during this century...

forgive my ramblings, i havent had the best of days, and babbling helps me forget about it...

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