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registry issues

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i have just refomatted my computer due to the children killing it :( after installing xp again i now have problems with my registry and need to clean it.
being that i have no money and would really like to get my sound card working again does anyone know of any free cleaners

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Hi and welcome to TSF

If the installation was working ok but has been corrupted, you could try a system restore (right click My Computer>Properties>System Restore tab)

Have you installed the mainboard drivers? Your soundcard drivers may be on the same disc.

If the windows installation is a bad one, I would suggest downloading the drive manufacturer's free diagnostic software from their website (usually goes on a floppy but can be used on CD) and zero the drive - Low Level Format - and start again with the windows installation.

You can use Belarc to determine the make of your drive:-

Several free registry cleaners are available here.
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