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Regarding Dedicated Servers

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I'm interested in hosting an online mmorpg on a dedicated server. But I seem to be stumped when it comes to uploading anything to dedicated servers as well as choosing the right dedicated server. I'm a little left in the dark when it comes to actually taking the setup and "uploading" it (if you will) to the dedicated server. I also am not 100% sure which dedicated server company I should sign on with as far as quality/price goes. Any suggested companies would be appreciated. I'm planning to start small with maybe around a 200 user cap? This is flexible. My price range is also flexible depending on the possibilities. These seem to be the best deals that I've come across:
If you haven't noticed, I'd prefer to use someone operating out of somewhere in Europe. Thoughts? Opinions?

(I've been using Yahoo!'s currency converter to find out what it 'd cost me in US dollars:;to=EUR;amt=1)

On that first link, I was wondering if anyone could explain to me what the PM after the price means. Also, do any of the specs on these machines appear to be able to meet my needs?

I was also wondering if there are any known tutorials explaining the process involved with getting the server online and open to the public on a dedicated server. I'm uninformed but I'm ready and willing to learn. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. I did my best to read the stickies and post to the forum's specifications so hopefully I haven't stepped on anyone's toes in posting this.
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"Buyer beware" if you're shopping for hosting based on the lowest price.
Your No. 1 there, fasthosts : do some googling before signing up with them. Absolute horror stories from last year - changing passwords without telling you, losing details to outsiders, etc etc.
If you're thinking of a dedicated server, you presumably want something that will work, and that you'll get support with.
In my book there's only one company that will satisfy that : or (if you want a US based server).
No, I'm not paid by them, just one of their very satisfied customers.
Check out user opinions at
Hope this helps.
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