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Refortmatting, need help!

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OK, so I made sure my BIOS was booting from CDROM and first priority, and then HDD.

I put the Windows XP Pro CD in and the little windows pop-up screen came up and I exited that and shut down my computer.

I turn my computer back on and I cannot get ANYTHING on my monitor.

I have two slots on the back of my eVGA 6800 PCI-E card... I have tried every possible variation i could possibly do with the two slots with three different monitors. I also took care of the obvious stuff and made sure my card was tightly fastened in my PCI-E slot and things like that.

Now, I could not a a screen for the life of me so next time I turned my computer on, took OUT the windows XP disk, and turned off my comp.

Turned it back on this time without anything in the CD ROM and STILL nothing on any screen.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. :4-dontkno

Also, I have no monitor slot on my MSI N-force 4 motherboard. So I cant try that either.
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Its just rather frustrating to try to create a solution when you have nothing on your monitor to work with, hehe.

Do you get a post beep? Have you taken the card out and reseated it? Do you have the extra lead on the card (if it has a place for one)?
Has it worked before with this setup? Is this a new build or something that was working? What are your specs (see my signature area for what we need).

Post back with more details.
Do I get a post beep?

If that means a beep at start-up... then no I do not.

Have I reseated the card?

I have securely made sure the video card was in place, taken it out, and put it back in. (I only have one PCI-E slot)

Im sorry, but I do not know what is meant by "do you have an extra lead on the card?"

But yes, my computer was working fine UNTIL the point at which I turned on my computer WITH the windows CD in the CD ROM.

My speccs...
eVGA 6800
AMD 3200+
2 gig of ram
MSI k8N Neo4

Im REALLY sorry if this wasnt very helpful, just tell me if you require anymore information. Thank you for your interest in the post though, as I am desperate for help. :pray:
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What kind of hard drive(s) are you using? For example, Sata, Pata, raid, non-raid, number of them.

Also to answer your question about the lead, many of these cards (I think yours does, but don't have one around here since I use ATI cards) have a power connector from the power supply that has to be hooked up for the card to work properly. Just wondered if you look on the top if you see a place that has a cable from the power supply connected to it?
Ahh, OK... then yes... my video card is properly connected to power supply, and properly powered. It was working fine just a second ago before I tried to boot with CD in CD ROM. Hehe.

I am using ONE hard drive... not sure exactly what that is called.

Thanks again TUmbleweed for your interest in this thread and I hope you found this useful so we may work out a solution.:grin:

Do the hard drives appear to make noise when you boot up like they are loading? Why were you reformatting, some problem we need to know about? Check to see if all fans are running (cpu/heatsink, chipset if has one, case fans) and light is on the motherboard. Does it shut down or just sit there? How many sticks of memory do you have?

Sorry for all the questions, but this tends at times (not always, we can't solve them all) to narrow down a problem to a more specific area.
NOt a problem Tumbleweed... always heppy to answer ANY questions... I just want to get this fixed REALLY bad.

My hard drive does not make any unusual sound on boot-up.

I am reformatting mainly because I havent in about 1 1/2 years and I would like that fresh feeling. ^_^


My computer does not shutdown... it will sit there forever with a blank screen.

I have 2 one gig sticks. (2 gigs total)
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Can you pull the memory sticks out to see if it beeps with them out? Under normal circumstances you would have a post beep? Have there been any hardware changes, and software changes?
Nope... no hardware changes... only thing that triggered the change was me putting the CD in the CD ROM.

Lemme go try taking out the RAM and see if I get a BEEP.

Get back to you in a sec.
OK... tried starting it up with NO RAM sticks in my motherboard and till no beep. :(

I am willing to do anything else that may create a solution... hopefully we can find one. :)

Also, everytime I try one of the suggestions I have to turn my comp off via power button... could doing this SO often be harmful?
Hi Mike,

That is not a good sign when you don't get a post beep or the motherboard not beeping when the memory is taken out. Put one stick back in and be sure to check which slot to use for one stick only...would be in your manual. Then, take that out and try the other stick. If nothing, then put them back in in the same slots that you took them from originally.

If that does not work, clear the CMOS either by taking the battery out or using the jumper method. This is a very, very long shot, but worth a try.

Tell me about your power supply, like brand name, watts, and amps per rail (found on the side of the power supply) Also, is the fan spinning on the video card? Are you certain the CPU fan is spinning? Are you certain the CPU/Heatsink clamp is still down tightly? Does the monitor light up or come on even though you don't get anything with your does it stay black, or stay white and turned on?

PS: Won't harm the button for this troubleshooting segment.
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All fans are running... i double checked...

Video card fan
CPU fan
2x case fans
northbridge chipset fan
and power supply fan

I have a 450w power supply...

Let me try to rearrange RAM in different orders and see if i can get a beep.
(ANd i am looking for a BEEP, as in high pitched noise right?)

Ill get back to you with those results... if that doesnt work I guess you will have to further explain how to do the battery thing in motherboard

Thank you so much for all your help so far Tumbleweed.
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Need more information on the power supply. Need the results on the memory swap in and out.

Also, there is a little battery on the motherboard (be sure you are unplugged when you work in that case and ground yourself first) that is about the size of a watch battery. Just pull that out for a few minutes, and that will clear the CMOS. Watch how you take it out so you can put it back in the same way. Put it back in and try to see if anything changes when you boot it back up.

Addendum: Do you know anyone who has a video card you can swap in?
I almost forgot (mentioned it earlier), has it normally beeped when you boot a post beep?
The rearranging of the RAM didnt get me any response as far as a beep.

But perhaps I have been overlooking it this whole time. About 5 seconds into turning it on I do get three sounds...

*middle pitched* "DEEE DEEE"
*low pitched* "DOOO"

but i have been getting those for a while... no highpitched beeps yet if thats what i am looking for.

For the battery solution... I complete unplug my computer, take the batteries out the mobo, put them back in, and plus power back in and turn on?
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Thanks SOO much man. :)

I am back to normal now, no data lost or anything, like none of this has ever happened.

Now how would i reformat and not run into this problem again?
Hi Mike,

So glad it worked for you. I can't explain why this one worked the way it did (although I had a hunch it might have), but be glad it did. Since it did, that indicates that your BIOS setting somehow got corrupted, although from what you said I don't know how.

If your boot order is set to: CDRom - 1st, Floppy - 2nd, Boot Drive - 3rd, then you should not have any trouble formattting. Just put your OS disk (hope you have a valid OS disk) in the drive and away you should go. It will prompt you when to do what.

Let us know how it goes. Don't be a stranger on here regardless, stick around and join the fun. Have a nice week.

Special Note: Hi Jill. great to see you again. Yes, there is a Santa Claus, but his name is not Tumbleweed.:4-dontkno Maybe it could be Ms. Jilly? :4-thatsba
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OK... when I tried reformatting the first time and got screwed it was set to...

1st - CD ROM
2nd - HDD
3rd - floppy

Your saying if i switch the HDD and floppy order I will get feed from my video card? It seems weird to me, but by now i learned that i need to trust you. Hehe.

Lemme give it a go!

The floppy sequence can be either the way you have it or the way I gave you which I prefer. Either will work. If as you said it worked when you cleared the CMOS and you are back to normal, set it like I told you and away it should go. I don't think the way you had it set had anything to do with the video card, I think your BIOS somehow got corrupted. You did say everything worked when you tried it, does it or is it not seeing the video card now?????
Ok... im bout to go for reformatting take 2, hehe...

Lemme get a confirmation i am doing everything correctly. :tongue:

1st -boot comp, <DEL> to go into BIOS, change boot sequence to...
-Hard Disk

2nd -save changes and exit... then comp starts up and im @ my desktop ( everything good so far)

3rd - put Windows XP Pro CD in the CD ROM, I get a pretty little pop-up screen that gives me options like "install windows XP pro" and such... I CANCEL that right?

4th - shut down computer... start it back up (w/ CD in CD ROM)

5th - follow all steps after that, that i have not yet had firsthand expirience with
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