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Reformatting: Hard Drive not Detected.

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Hellooo, All. I have had a few problems with my current pc, and have decided that now would be a great time to reformat. :4-dontkno

Soo, I went to reformat the computer. Started up with the windows XP disk, and as it went to install, it told me my hard-drive was not detected. What do I do for it to realize the hard-drive is there?

Some of the computer stats//specifics

Asus P5ND2-SLI nForce Motherboard
500gb RAID 0 Stripe (2 x 250gb SATA 7.2k)
Intel Pentium D 945 3.4ghz

If any other info on the PC is needed, Please let me know.

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You will need to load the RAID drivers at the F6 prompt during the install.
You will need to load the RAID drivers at the F6 prompt during the install.
Hello, Joe. I appreciate the timely response. - At what point during the boot do i access the raid drivers? Is it before, or after it asks me to boot from the CD-Rom? Sorry for the newbie questions. My last pc was nowhere near as bad to reformat. :|
right at the fist blue screen of the install, look at the text on the bottom of the screen. You will be prompted to press F6 to load additional SCSI or RAID drivers. The drivers will need to be loaded on a floppy disk. On Asus motherboards these can be found on the CD that came with the board.

Just a note: If you unplug one of the drives you will break your RAID set and you will no longer have a RAID array.
Thanks for the responses guys. :) Very helpfull. If i 'break' the raid array, after i have the pc reformatted and connect them again. - Will it automatically read the 2nd harddrive? -- If not, I do have the disk sitting in front of me, and i'm looking at the drivers I need. - The first way sounds easier if it automatically reads, The second way, I'll just have to figure it out! :p

Thanks again!
Since your RAID is allready configure, I would leave it at that. If you break the array, you will need to reconfigure it before you install an OS onto the drives. Otherwise the OS will see 2 separate drives.
If you break the array after the OS is installed, it will pretty much render anything on the drives useless.
what if you have a laptop that does it with no floppy drive? what would i do then?
@Comp-Killaz: Please start a thread of your own. Describe the problem and post the brand/model of the computer.
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