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Reformatted, Now Can't Get Online

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Hi, I should beable to get some help here at these forums. I just reformatted last night and now I can't get on my network to get on the internet. It says "network cable unplugged" I have checked all cables, all plugged in, I have installed the drivers for the onboard Gigabyte Ethernet and reinstalled them again to check, I have restarted the Network and DSL Box, I am using the same cable as I have always have and I got Internet last night before I reformatted. I don't know why it's telling me that. Who has suggestions or knows what's wrong. Thanks Much!

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I would try another cable, just in case and try another port on the router. Try locking the network card speed at a different speed and see if it picks up the link.

To change the network card speed. Go to Control Panel>Network Connections and right click on Local Area Network and go to properties, you will see your network card listed on top, click on Configure>advanced and look for link speed and duplex or something along those lines. It will give you the option to change the value from Auto-Detect, 1000mbps/full, 1000mbps/half, 100mbps/full, 100mbps/half, 10mbps/full and 10mbps/half. Change the speed close the properties and see if you can pick the link up. If not have you tried using the latest drivers from the NIC?
How about telling us the make/model of the modem and any router involved. Also the version and patch level of the Windows in use...
i get many calls from people who have reformatted their pcs many people when they reinstall their nic drivers do not reinstall properly. If you go to your device manager and look at network adapters and there is a yellow exclamation point or yellow question mark then probable your nic drivers did not install properly. Many people who have the message network cable unplugged have either a problem with their ethernet cable or a problem with their nic. Sometimes people have a problem like a corrupted winsock. Have you checked your ipconfig? Can you ping your default gateway. Do you know whether you connect through dhcp or pppoe ? If you connect with pppoe and you do not have a valid ip address you may be able to specify your ip address to your nic. Ask your isp what your ip address should be and whether you connect via dhcp or pppoe.
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