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reformatted and Graphics card doesnt work?

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I reformatted last night, and everything went really well until I tried to play battlefield 1942. It crashed even before I could get into the game. Then I went and reinstalled it but it still didnt work. Then I installed counter-strike, and tried to put it in open GL, but the computer said my graphics card doesnt support it, even though before i reformatted my Geforce 4 64mb 4200 graphics card with TV/out worked fine in Open GL before I reformated. I then decided just to see how it would work without Open GL, and when i went into a server for counter-strike I had a 400 ping and white lines were going across the screen ( I have a cable modem that is working fine right now). I then put a resource CD for reinstalling device drivers and using diagnostics utilities and online documentation. I did something with my graphics card, but when i shut down the computer and turned it back on, it still said that the card cant support Open GL. I then installed directX 8.1 and still nothing worked, and CS always worked with DirectX 8.1 I have no idea what is wrong, but can someone please help me, it would be great considering I have a clan match in a few days! I dont know much about computers so if you can, make the message back to me as detailed as possible. Thanks alot.
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Welcome randyrhoads18...........:D

What operating system are you using?

If your using XP try the driver here.
Are you missing the updated version of DirectX required to play the games? Did you update the system after the reload from Windows Update?
It said that the driver isnt compatable with XP, are there any other good drivers that will run all games on my computer? Thanks alot for helping me out!
Graphics drivers are pretty specific to your graphics hardware. If there isn't an XP driver for your card from the manufacturer, it's likely you won't find one.
that is a common message given to unverified drivers....I have yet to find one that doesn't work. Microsoft has not gotten around to testing them or they have not updated their base. I don't have any drivers that are verified for my addon hardware.

I use this to get rid of Nvidia/ATI files and then do a clean install with the latest nvidia driver from

Did you do a clean install of the OS (no programs installed on reboot).
This does sound like a driver problem. I recommend you to download the latest Direct X (think it should be 9) and the latest patch for your games. Hope this will help you a bit and good luck.:winkgrin:
yep...DX9 is backward compatible.

I don't know why but I just updated to DX9.b and it caused my text to become very blurry. I used System Restore to convert back to 9.a but if anyone knows of a DX tweak I would appreciate it...(I have the Nvidia latest driver).
Here's a direct X uninstaller

I hope you can read what it says cause i can't but if you click on "FTP 3DNews" it will let you download the uninstaller. Give it a shot m8.
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