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Refill Hp #95 Cartridge

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Anyone have any ACTUAL experience refilling this cartridge? For a Hp PSC1610 all in one. Haven't been able to get the ink levels reset. Ive been told these cartridges for this printer #95-#99-#94 different than all others. You cant rotate between 3 cartridges to fool the printer. Tried shorting certain contacts like other HP cartridges but the contacts are not the same as other heads that you can short. Also have trouble with yellow in cartridge. I get it to work OK on a test pattern with solid yellow and then when I print it dries up. Tried forcing ink through but only helps temporarily and then dries up again. Tried pressurizing thru filler hole with same results, Left sit for 24 hr upright to get air out but nope. Soaked head in water over nite works for a little bit than dries up again. When it is working it prints a perfect test print with no lines or streaking so I believe the head is in good shape, just cant keep a constant flow of ink. I refilled this cart. before it ever ran out of ink so I don't think I burned it up.
Any and all help will be appreciated. I use a lot of these carts in color printing so buying new ones right now is not an option.
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Well, you seem to have gone through the usual tricks. Recycled cartridges do not retain as much ink or hold ink for as long as new cartridges. If you do have luck with recycled cartridges, they will only last for so long, which unfortunately isn't that long at all.

The best way is to, of course, use new cartridges. Or, as a somewhat round-about way, invest in a laser printer (toner tends to last longer and not cost the horrendous amount ink cartridges do, and if you do heavy printing not only do you get good image quality but a long-term investment that pays off compared to inkjet). Sadly there is not much more you can do in extending the life of used ink cartridges.
Well thanx for the reply. I guess what I didn't say was the fact that this was a new cartridge about half empty. I decided to try and keep it full so I wouldn't run into problems, now I screwed it up. I also have a refilled cart. bought from a local office supply store and thats the one that doesn't show the ink levels where they should be. Actually when it comes down to it the first (new) cart never showed that I refilled it either.
This is discouraging Ive had Lexmark printers for the last 8 years and was pretty good at refilling my cartridges and was able to keep track of their fill levels. Now I a have better (I think) printer faster and quieter but HP has figured out a way to make it tuffer on these refilled cartridges. I guess my next printer wont be a HP if they keep this up. Yes your probably right about a laser printer, looks like I need to do a little research the next time.
One question do the lasers print photos as well as ink jet. Ive never seen a recommendation for laser photos.
Thanx again for the reply.
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