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I have the following situation.
There are about 20 computer in a network (bge0:
I just created a secure VPN between them with OpenVPN. That works fine. Each machine has 2 interfaces. One is the tap-interface which was created by openvpn (tap0: and the other one (bge0: They can successful ping each other through the bge0 interface.

so far so good ;)

The problem is, that all traffic with port > 1024 should go through the vpn tunnel and I don't know how to do this.... :'(
I need something like a redirect rule, which forward all traffic (with port > 1024) that should gone through bge0 to the tap0 interface.

I don't want to use iptables because ipfilter / ipnat ... is already installed on the machines (all with solaris 10).

Any ideas??
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