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Recurring Boot Sector Corruption

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I have a customer's computer I have previously fixed twice for the same problem. The machine is basically brand new and hardly used. Its a newer Compaq running XP home w/SP2. According to AVG, Macafee and Trend Micro there are no Viruses. MS Anti-Spy and Trend Micro report no Adware/Spyware/Trojans. Like I said, its brand new and hardly used.

The problem the computer has is that the Boot Sector gets corrupted.
When it boots up, it gets as far as the initial Windows XP boots screen, then it reboots and starts all over
I can run a chkdsk /r on it and then do a /fixboot and it will work great - for a while.
Eventually, and at no specific interval, the problem will come back.

Anyone ever heard of this?
I am guessing its the hard drive...the controller on the drive itself.
But I wanted to ask around before I start installing new parts.
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Sounds like your right on target.

Does the manufacturer have a utility program that works with that drive? If so, then clone the customers OS to another drive and run the full diagnostic test. The controller error will probably show up then.

The drive still under warranty?
Run the diagnostic program on the new cloned drive, or the old drive?

I am not sure if they have the original disks that came with that particular computer but I can check Compaq's and the disk manufacturer's website and see if I can find a utility there.

Not sure about warranty. I would guess the whole computer should still be under warranty - Its not more than a year old.
Run diagnostic on the suspect drive (old one). But full diagnostics are destructive so have to clone drive first.

If you have the drives' make-n-model post it and I'll check for the utilities, usually it can clone the drive too.
will do - thanks for the help

I will do that.
It will be a day or two most likely because I have another project in front of that one.

I will get back to you.

Thanks for the help.
welcome, have a good one.
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