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New question...

I have a Gateway MX6025. I'm trying to create the Recovery CDs from the recovery partition. When I run the CD Create.exe utility, it comes back and says:

No Recovery Partition or Update CD files found. Process aborted.

I also tried to use the Create DVR-APPS CD Update.exe utility. It doesn't run either. A look in Win Explorer shows that the D: partition is present. As far as I can tell, everything is still in the partition. What can I do to make the utility find the partition?

OK, now the history of how I got to where I am.

- I'm fixing this for a friend. When I got it, the boot process would hang. It would not even boot to safe mode.
- Since I didn't have recovery CDs, I performed a repair install from my own copy of Win XP Home (not OEM). Still could not boot.
- Pulled the HD drive and did a full disk backup to my desktop.
- performed a full install on top of the existing C: partition. I left the D: recovery partition in place. Reinstalled all drivers and replaced a bad CD/DVD drive. Windows is running fine now but is unactivated, so I have a month to us it.

Now I'm trying to create recovery CD to reinstall everything from the recovery partition.

Anyone know how to get the creator utility to work in this scenario?
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