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Recovery Console

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I'm trying to use the recovery console. Once in it, it prompts me for a administrator password. All acounts on this computer don't have a password. Help!
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space then enter :D

or just enter

or if your using Pro, the password of the 1st account you set up.
I have XP Home Edition. I tried leaving the password blank and that didn't work. I also tried setting up a password on my Windows Logon and then trying the recovery console and that didn't work.
On home its normally just space then enter ... did that not work?
I tried space and enter to no avail. I've tried all of my passwords that I like to use for other things. I set up a password on my windows logon and tried that, didn't work. I reinstalled the recovery console, no go. Argh! It's probably something simple too. There are two administrator accounts on the computer and one for my kid which is a limited account. My account has a password and my wife's doesn't.
I did a search on yahoo on this and I found out that there is a sometimes a problem with the program not recognizing the password even though its correct. So the solution is to download the latest Windows XP updates. Hope it works. Thanks for your help!
Or read this article as well:
Or Easier, Just call the Computer Manufacturers, and Inform them of the problem!!!!!!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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