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Recovering XP?

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I've got a pretty major problem...

A teacher where i work afked me to do some work on her machine. She said she had a c:\ with XP on (about 10GB) and the computer had a second drive which she wanted to store her media. This drive however had win98 on.

Along witha few other jobs she wanted me to wipe her second HDD so she could use XP and have a blank drive to store everythign she did.

So i came to start working on it. Using the XP CD i chose to delete the partition on D:\, format it, and restart. Only to find that XP was actually on the D drive and the old OS was on C:\ ...

I am now... pretty much boned...

Can anyone give me any advice on whether or not i can recover the operating mystem?


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Well in all honesty once xp is wiped...its wiped.
Only option is to reinstall..and cry..and hopefully restore what she had on it if you can remember lol
Hi alecdw, you need to install Windows XP again I am affraid...
If you had some important data in My Documents on partition where your Windows XP was stored, then I your data is wiped too.
You can try to boot in Windows 98 and try to find some software that is compatible with Windows 98 and that can get your data back. But you need to try to do this before you install Windows XP.
Hope this will help you mate...
Thanks for your replies.

i was pretty sure that was the case... was kind of just wishing i had overlooked something! :sigh:

I'm scanning the wiped drive with "recover my files" as we speak and looks like i may just have to resore all the pics, docs etc i can, and... appologise? :1angel:

oh, and i've already put xp on the smaller drive. Using another pc to do the scanning and resoring while i work on hers... things are never as simple as they first seem!!! :mad: her pc doesnt have a wireless card or network card either so cant put it on the net to activate and install drivers etc!
hahaha! what a joke! . . . will have to "borrow" a network card from work :rolleyes:

Cheers guys! :smile:
no worries...hope the teacher doesnt bite your head off!
no worries...hope the teacher doesnt bite your head off!
hahaha, better watch it mate... Does she knows what you did???
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