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Recover My Files v4.6

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Hello everyone!

About a month ago, my external drive (Western Digital MyBook 250GB), went through a power failure, and then bad sectors appeared. I was forced to format it, changing the format from FAT to NTFS. I made sure to quick format, not write zeroes.
I tried to use a program called Recover My Files (recommended by a friend) to well, recover my files, but to no avail. After having it scan for a week, it gave me an error when saving the files, something about dividing by zero. The newer version (using the saved scan) DOES save my files, but it saves them as zero-size.

Are there any ideas on how to fix that? There are some fairly important files in there, along with a large amount of data which is hard to find again (music, pictures, saves etc.)

Thank you in advance for your kind help.
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Are you recovering them to another disk or trying to write them to the damaged disk? If you had bad sectors, this is a physical problem not a logical ALso you should have attenmpted recovery before formattng, the disk does not need to be seen in Windows with a drive letter to be recoverable, only need to be seen by BIOS and in Disk management as a ddisk - format is irrelevant. If recovery software needs to see a drive letter then it will probably not be effective. Try scanning with the demo version of r-studio and see if it can find any files, by formatting , and changeing the the filesystem, you will have ovwerwritten some data on the disk, the MFT and NTFS metafiles will overwrite some areas, and potentially could overwrite directory entries from the FAT system.
I'm trying to recover them to the C: drive. The drive seems to be working perfectly after the format. I did try to recover before, nothing worked:(
Will R-Studio take a week to scan again?
I did think of that, but the scan showed that my files were intact. I'll try R-Studio to see if it helps though, thank you very much:)
Is it a different drive? If recover my files took a week to scan, the drive is not working well, on a healthy drive most recovery software will scan 250 GB in less than 8 hours, on a drive with pysical issues it will take longer, a drive that takes a week should probably be pitched after the data is recovered. Recovery is a pretty slow process, I've had an 80 GB customer drive on a hardware imaging device designed to handle bad sectors and read errors that has been running for two weeks round the clock now. You can't rush a recovery if you really need the data.
R-Studio is scanning right now, it's at 3% about 5 minutes in:)
I don't want to rush, I'm just worried about the electricity cost^^
Besides, I don't want to recover all the files, just those that I really need/can't do without/are too hard to find.

So you're saying I should look into replacing it?
I would scan it with the manufacturer's diagnostics after your recovery is complete - bad sectors indicate a physical issue. If it was filesystem corruption, then that is a separate issue, but the diagnostics will tell you if it is physical or if it was logical.
Hm... It did seem to be a logical fault, since the format fixed it, and everything I ran after seemed alright...
R-Studio is at 24%, I don't think it will finish in time, so I'll see what happened after I'm back from class:)
R-Studio did the trick, a very clean job. Now all that's left is to discard unwanted/deleted/unusable files and folders and we're good to go. A new drive (1TB) is already ordered, and when it comes I'm running R-Studio again, to see if it missed anything (the C: drive filled up during the process).
Thank you SO MUCH for your help. Sorry for not posting this earlier, but I have to log here via proxy for some reason. Again, THANK YOU.:)
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