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hi i have a somewhat big problem-
while installing a new network card in my machine, (WinME, PIII 1 GHz), i accidentally disconnected the power supply from my second hard drive. i rebooted, installed the new network card, and then realized Windows only saw one hard drive. i reconnected the power to the drive, but windows doesn't see it. i tried system restore, but windows saved the restore settings on the "non-existant" hard drive, so i wasn't able to go back. i emailed tech support at western digital but they never replied - does anyone know how to successfully re-connect the drive without re-formatting and losing all my data? thanks a bunch
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Welcome to the forums magnopeach......:winkgrin:

Have you looked into the bios to see if it's detecting the hard drive in there?
yeah i checked BIOS but it says "not installed," and it is no longer listed as a boot device.
have you checked the IDE cables ? you can un-plug those and plug them back in on both HD and mobo....also listen for the HD activity with the case open and see if it even powers up .
Check all the IDE cables and make sure they are hooked up properly and inserted all the way.
i disconnected and then reconnected everything - and it works!! it must have been the IDE cable (wow i feel like an idiot) anyway, thanks a bunch to everyone who posted, you guys are great!
its almost always a cable

dont feel like an idiot....

i have found that if you are digging around in a pc and when you turn it back on, if something isnt firing up, it is usually the cables.

always check the cables if something is wrong....
it seems to be super easy to dislodge them.

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