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Hi all,

I live remote NT aust. Communication is via Bigpond NextG Wireless for phone and internet. A major computer update is required to cater to the new 4G network, which is in the mail.

I have multi computers in 2 rooms,(details below) 1 XP one can't get net. I also need to connect printers so all can use via BOTH wireless and/or USB. and multi USB extHDDs stacked thru hub? Then Router?
I am also asking feesibility of turning current XP Comaq Evo4000 into the main storage centre for the network. (This is the one that can't connect to net because old NIC. I did try to go wireless via TL-WN951N, but ISP update
killed it.) Heaps of Drive bays. That would reduce the need for each puter accessing "all areas"

Any ideas to create network? Cards, Routers, Hubs ???
(give me software anyday) Thanks guys.

Rm 1:
Net: Bigpond Elite, mobile broadband network gateway. Soon to be 4G, unknown Gateway, they said it caters to 5 puters?

PC: Win7 Ult64, GA-880GMA-UD2H + AMD SB850 AM3 mATX, RJ45 to Gateway.

PC: XPsp3, Compaq Evo4000 Stock+RAM, was wireless to Net. But mayneed NIC "best card?" replacement to RJ45 to Gateway.

Lap: Vista Home Basic, Aspire 5315, wireless +/ RJ45.

Rm 2:

Xbox 360

PC: XPsp3, M61PME-S2, Wireless to Gateway.

Lap: Vista Home Premium, Aspire5720z, wireless +/ RJ45.

Workbench: has RJ45 for Gateway.

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RJ45 is a cable port interface
Gateway refers to either the ip address used for gateway or the router used to connect to the internet.
This is why RJ45 for gateway doesn't make sense.
We usually just refer to wired or wirelessly when speaking of network connections.
I hope this helps

"they said it caters to 5 puters?"

This sounds like wifi Mifi. You need to clarify this since you have more than 5 devices
MiFi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If this is the case 5 machines would need to have wifi cards in them to use the 4G wifi network. You would then put in a switch with enough ports to handle the ALL of the computers. Basically you would run two networks. One for the lan where all the computers talk to each other and one for the internet access for the 5 pc/laptops.

You would be better off getting a NAS unit than trying to chain a bunch of usb drives together.
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