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Recommendations for parts

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I'm basically looking for suitable parts for my new computer.
Please tell me if I should keep the part I have or suggest another one.

Intel BX80569QX9650 - Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 Quadcore 3.0ghz
Asus P5N32-E SLI Nforce680i, QuadCore ready, DDR2, PCI Express, GBLAN, SATA, DTS Connect

Q. Is this motherboard fully compatible with my processor?
Q. What motherboard would be more suitable for my rig?
4GB RAM total.

Q. Should I get 1 4GB stick or 2 2gb sticks?
Q. What is a good 2gb or 4gb stick of RAM out there (model and make please)?

Sorry I have no idea what DDR2 and SDRAM and things like that are!​
2 x nVidia GeForce 9800 GTX

Q. Will two of these function?
Q. Will I be able to fit both of them in my case?
Western Digital WD5000AAKS 500GB 7200rpm 16bm SATAII/300, NCQ

Q. Is this a good and reliable hard drive?
Creative Audigy Value Soundcard

Q. Is this a cheap but good soundcard?
Samsung 22" 2253BW Wide TFT Monitor - Black, Max. Resolution 1680x1050, 2ms Response Time (GtG), 8000:1 Contrast, Digital / Analog Interface
Thermaltake Soprano Midi Tower Case, Black, “X” type transparent window panel, 430w PSU, Dual 12cm and single

Q. This case comes with a PSU already (i'm guessing since it says 430 PSU). I already have another PSU i want. Will I have to indicate to the builders that I don't want the PSU by saying NO PSU or what?
SeaSonic S12 Energy Plus SS-650HT ATX12V

Q. Will this power supply fit and function with my case?
Thanks in advance sorry if its long but I really need help.
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Also, if i was going to overclock would I require extra fans and cooling?
If so do you recommend fans or water cooling (im not too enthusiastic about water cooling if it leaks)
Again also, would you recommend 1 9800GX2 or 2 9800GTX?
BTW, that Seasonic is a great power supply. Might as well have them change the power supply out when you purchase. If you have to pay for the other one to get the case, then sell it on Ebay. You can recoup your money that way....well, a part of it anyway.

Another point, if you are thinking of going with two video cards, then step up the 750 watt Seasonic. You don't want to be short on power when you put this kind of money in a rig.
What is your total budget going to be with this thing? It makes little sense to me to get an extreme processor with an older mobo like you are doing...I would be looking at the 790i boards if I was blowing that kind of money on a board.

If you get the 790i, then you would be getting DDR3 memory, and would probably want 2x2gb of it.

For graphics, I would personally wait till the end of the month, when the new cards are supposed to be introduced, and see if the prices on the current crop drop a little bit.

Again, knowing your budget would be quite helpful.

In total I don't really want to spend more than $4000 AUD. Right now that I've calculated the base components (MB+RAM+CPU+2GFXCARDS+HARDDISK+CASE) is about $2900 in AUD.

I didn't really know this was an old motherboard.
What newish motherboard compatible with quadcore do you recommend? And I would like it to be fairly good at overclocking.

Also, if i was to overclock, would I need water cooling?
The mobo isn't that old...but getting a processor as good as that makes little sense unless you are going for a cutting edge machine, especially if you aren't going to OC it.

Comparison of a cheaper chip,N82E16819115034

That's alotta bread to burn for that chip if you aren't going to watercool and seriously OC it. I'd be lookin hard at the q9450, and spend my money on other components.

An example of a 790i board (DDR3):

If you want slightly better OCing, look at intel's chipset (which means getting the 9800gx2 instead of 2 or 3 9800gtx cards). This is a DDR2 board.

Hope that info helps more than it hurts...

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