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Reccomend a vid card for my situation, please :)

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Hi everyone, I need some help with a vid card.

My current setup

AMD Phenom II X4 (unlocked from 2 to 4 cores)
9600GT 512 megs
4 gig of ram
Not capable of SLI or Crossfire
Win 7 64 bit

Now I am looking in the 300-400(not over 400) range as I will have to a new PSU too (I am a buying a 750 watt).

I won't need to buy it until September, so is there any particular card that you think will be right up my ally, or do you have any general advice for me for card hunting?


ps. The reason I am buying a card is mine is starting to slow me down on newer games. And I don;t need the new one until FF XIV comes out.
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ATI offers the most bang for buck now. The 57xx series is a popular.
Be sure and get a quality brand PSU. Advertising 750W doesn't mean it's capable of 750W.
Okay, Thanks for the reply!

I have heard a lot about the ultra psu's

any problems that you guys now of with ultra?

Oh and because I am AMD based would it be better to go with ATI or does it matter at all?
I have to say I know nothing about the Ultra psu's other than . . well . . that I know nothing about them.
My advice - look for a known good quality power supply such as Corsair or Seasonic.

This Seasonic S12D850 from is a steal at CA $110.00. available at that price until close of business Tuesday the 6th. Add to that, free shipping (ground) or overnight for 10 bucks, makes that very hard to pass up.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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