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Rebooting due to CDROM

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I have an odd problem with my DVD-ROM and my CD-RW. This started happening a few weeks ago.


The computer functions well when my DVD-rom and CD-rw are empty.
Upon putting a CD into my DVD-ROM or my CD-RW, the drive starts reading them. After a few seconds, computer just restarts.
This happens both in WinXP and Win98.
If a CD is in DVD-rom or CD-rw during reboot, computer restarts before even displaying the OS choices menu. The momment I hear my CD being read, the computer just restarts.
So it seems this isn't a software problem.

I've tried changing the power cabel for my drives, but the same thing keeps happening. I've tried to plug my drives into the same IDE cable as the hard disk, but this didn't solve the problem. The drive was still detected, but upon reading a CD, computer restarted again.
This could mean that the IDE port is functioning correctly.

:4-dontkno What's odd about all of this is that when I put some CDs into my drive - they work fine. I can read from them, copy from them, etc. But after pulling such CD out of the drive and putting it back in, the computer restarts again.

MBO is ASUS P4S533.
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Well, you may be right.
The cooler on my power unit is not working properly, it could be that the whole thing went bust.
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