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Rebooting and Blue Screen!

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I just got this new computer a few days ago and its:
HP Pavilion, Pentium 4 CPU 3.00Ghz, 2.79 GHz, .99 Gig of RAM with Service pack 2.
Whenever I play a game such as Guild Wars, Half Life 2, etc. it automatically reboots... this happened 3 times when I was playing and after the reboots it would say "the system has recovered from a serious error".

On the 4th time, I got a blue screen and it says:
Stop: 0x0000008E (0xc0000005,0xBFACEF94,0xAA06299c,0x00000000)
ialmdd5.DLL - Address BFACEF94 base at BFA34000, Date Stamp 42a73847

Also, I believe I have a decent video card to play the games I mentioned (autodetect and it sets everything on high quality and no messed up pics here and there). Can anyone help me with this problem? Thanks
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turn off the auto reboot
c/panel/system/advanced/startup and recovery settings
untick the box and post the bsod error message you receive in full
check you have enough power to run the card,brand names are usually not generous with the power they put in
that's what it is supposed to do,what is the message on the screen,
pci migrated to agp and now that is migrating to what you have pci express
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