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Ok, I admit I'm no expert at any of this stuff but I feel like I'm close, just need some help...

I have installed Cygwin openssh server and realvnc server on one computer and putty and realvnc client on another.

everything seems to work fine, up to the very end...

Openssh is running on the server computer, putty connects from the client computer. Realvnc server starts on server computer but here is my problem:

When I try to login to the realvnc server from the client, I get the login prompt, enter my username/password and it seems to accept it but no remote window to the server opens up.

I say it seems like it connects because before I had the right settings, I would get a connection error. Now, I enter the username/password into realvnc client and the username/password window just goes away but nothing else happens.

What am I missing here? Hope this explaination made sense. I've never used vnc before so I'm not sure what I should expect. I thought a vnc window with my server computer in it would appear. All the right ports have been opened. Sorry, noobie here. :4-dontkno

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