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realtek ac97 alc658

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I'm getting pops and clics sin my sound, rarely with cds and dvds , mostly with games such as hl2 , farcry, and especialy battlefield 1942, it happens mostly during the intro movies , or , when there are low frequecy backround music or noises, i am pluged in 5.1 with good speakers and have determined that they are not the problem, i updated ALL drivers , tried turning of every single program on my pc while runnig the games, nothing , no change , i contacted custumer support and the suddenly stopped replying , I need a solution, should anyone know anything about this issue or have a good sound card to suggest to me for replacement that will resolve this issue
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Try uninstalling device from device manager, when system reboots it should
detect new hardware, reinstall drivers, My thinking is that there may be
a irq conflict, this sometimes will straighten that out. You may take a look
into bios,,make sure plug and play os is set to no.
did not work

thanks for the suggestion , i just tried it but sadly no change at all.... i'm feeling tottaly discouraged by this situation, do you think a better sound card would help or could the problem remain? , unless anyone has another trick up their sleeve
Have you tried updating the audio codec? Try to reinstall mobo drivers.
Or update them. I like turtle beach soundcards. Most folks will recommend
a creative card, sound blaster/audigy which are great cards. Ive just had
bad experiences a few times in the past. Driver conflicts. Wish I had a
good answer with your problem. Good luck

thanks again dude but i have already tried this and it didnt work either , i'm starting to think that it's just a crappy sound card... thanks for the help and feel free (anyone) to give any other suggestions
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