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REALLY BIG PROBLEM! please read and help..

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Hi, I'm having very difficult problem with my brother's computer.

Some time ago, it was always shutdown for no reason!
It happend when I wanted to enter his shared Harddisk for our LAN, or just with no reason.

I sent the computer for examination and they said that the mother board was damaged and they installed me a new one.
After I went to take the computer, connected it and ran the Windows 2000 Pro installation... In the middle of the installation (like after 3-4 min after it started) the CD-ROM (original) has exploded in the CD-ROM drive !!!
Like some of you that if this thing will happen, i was in shock.. but this problem is only the beginning..
After I went to my friend and took from him his CD-ROM drive, I formated my computer (using the Win 2000 installation), and abruptly (after format has completed) it said that this partition is damaged and windows could not be installed on this partition.
I tryied to delete all the partitions and make new ones, but with no success.

Ok... I thought.. Well I had a bad day.. My hard disk is also ruined.
I went to the company again, they check and gave me a new hard disk (and of course new CD-ROM)...
Ok.. I got home.. and now a little progress.. I installed Windows 2000, everything went good.. I installed my Graphic card, sound card.. and.. When I installed my Motherboard drivers (auto-setup), and restarted my computer (cause it asked me after the installation), my Windows didnt boot!
nothing!! even the first message of "Loading Windows 2000, press F8 for advanced..." didnt come out! nothing!
so.. again.. install Windows, install drivers, and AGAIN! after that i had installed the Motherboard drivers it didnt want me to boot..
When I tried to format (now using dos with a floppy boot), it told me that there are 2.4MB of bed sactores in my hard-disk (to remind you - NEW ONE!)..
And again.. windows can not install cause a bad partition....

Is this a problem of the motherboard ??
Some one had / heard about this problem before??
:confused: :confused: :confused:

For your information, here is the info of his(my brother) motherboard:
(DFI?!) maybe VIA - System Board, CA64-TC Rev. A+
with motherboard drivers disk - MB089 Ver.CO.3.0

Again.. Please help me and thankyou!
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What kind of motherboard do you have, plus wait a day or 2 some will help you out! When I built my computer I pluged in ever thing, And installed windows 98 I never had to install drivers for my motherboard.
Well.. when I installed windows, and checked on the drvice manager if there is any hardware that not recognized with windows (need a driver), everything looked just fine..
But, suddenly my computer started to froze again and again, for no reason... All I could do is to do reset, cause it froze without "thinking"...
So.. I said to myself "Oh.. I didn't installl my mother board drivers.. maybe it is because of that... I will try... (WHAT COULD BE WRONG...:upset: ).. so I did.. and like you read in the first post... my computer doesnt want to boot...

Also I forgot to tell about one more problem.. (Very big one)...
Now when I power on my computer, It doesnt want to boot (FROM ANY DEVICE)! I tried to change the priority of the devices / load defaults setting, and nothing!
I cant boot from any device!
now what to do ?
:confused: :confused: :confused:
oh wow

i dont want to sound rude, but i just have to say this. it almost sounds in this case that the computer needs to be taken to someone who is somehow qualified to work on them. there are alot of problems that you do not want to stumble through, and stumbling could make things worse. i am definately not trying to insult you as i myself have given up on certain things that were beyond me. in other cases i stumbled through it, and sometimes had a horrible end result. the other good part is that if you take your machine to a repair shop, they are liable, where as if you are working on someone's machine, and it suddenly dies in your hands, you are going to be expected to buy a new one, or replace it somehow. but i myself havent had problems like that since i was stumbling through it, and that was back in the less-than-10 meg hard disk/ pre-286 days. so anything i learned from those days wouldnt apply here.

you somehow forgot to set the jumpers on the cd drive and hard disk that you replaced?.....Nah.
and also....
When I built my computer I pluged in ever thing, And installed windows 98 I never had to install drivers for my motherboard.
this is also the same story i have, i have never had to install any drivers for my motherboard, except when i had a motherboard with onboard sound or video. if your motherboard has a driver disk, see what drivers it has, you may not need them at all.
it seems to me that if the machines freezes after you add the motherboard drivers, then try NOT adding them. as for the bad sectors, that disk is most likely shot, although i cant tell you why. it most likely sustained some sort of damage from the ide controller or something. through all of this have you checked to see if the power supply is ok? imaging your house running on half its needs of power. the pc will enter a "brown-out" condition and things will error alot. it may not even seem like it is having a problem, but the output voltage of each branch needs to be checked, especially the branches for the hard disk and motherboard. but as i said, i'd take a machine that new to a shop, or take it and throw it through the window of the store you bought it at. there is no excuse for a machine to come from a factory, out of a box, onto your desk, and then screw up in major proportions like you describe. and as far as the cd exploding in the drive, it must have been cracked or something to begin with, as i have spun a cd at 30,000 rpm in order to buff it, and the drive cant possibly be moving at more than 3,000 or so. i think it was probably cracked or chipped. anyways, i wish you luck on this problem, and dont let the company that made that machine bully you.

Chin up,

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There are two options for those BIG problems...
One, is that the power supply is bad or broken, so thats why my computer freeze, my Hard Drive with bas sectors and etc (all the problems... I don't want to detail again.. ITS NOT FUN :no: ).
The secund is that my mother board is not good / not configured like it should to be (Jumpers and etc)...
If I think about it, two of them together sounds like the problem.. so maybe the two of them are fuc*ked..

I have a working mother board and a working power supply in my home for backup, but there is a sticker behind the computer that said that if it will be cut, the warranty will be over... and it is between the computer 'door' to the case, so I cant open the computer and try to replace, and I cant remove the sticker and bring it back cause it is very attached...

So, this will be the third time I'm taking the computer to the company, and to tell you the truth, I spoke with one of their technician and he seemed to me like someone who know nothing..! I bet I know better than him.
But warranty meens CASH-FREE so I will have to take the computer again and hope next time it will be better.

Anyway, thanks for helping me, and when I will get it back (and hopefully it will work), I will try to post what happend and what been changed... (If I will find this post)
If you curious, you can e-mail me and leave your e-mail address and I will e-mail you..

Thank you.. see ya
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