Recently, I announced that Paragon-Software would be releasing a free preview edition of their newest hard drive software, HDM 15.

Following this recent announcement, the software based company is at it again with a new beta testing program to try and report feedback on their new and upcoming Boot Camp Backup solution.

Search the web for a quality program to create Windows backups while in a Mac OS X Boot Camp setup, and you’ll find nothing. Noticing this, Paragon-Software has just released the solution to this puzzling problem.

Boot Camp is a multi-boot utility that is included with Apple based computers that allows users to install the poplar Microsoft Windows operating system. Users all over the world use Boot Camp to enable driver support, software functionality, and to test both Windows and Macintosh on the same computer. Without Boot Camp, it would be illegal to have Macintosh and Windows installed on the same PC.

Currently, any user who needed a sector-level backup, would be left with nothing and be forced to create a manual backup. The Paragon Boot Camp Backup allows for full Windows support on Mac OS X or higher.

"Why to use Paragon Boot Camp Backup?

Time Machine, the backup software distributed with Apple OS X, does not back up Windows partitions under Boot Camp configuration, leaving Mac users under data loss threats. Paragon Boot Camp Backup addresses the needs of Mac users utilizing the Windows operating system by providing a sector-based backup of all Windows data on Mac. Paragon Boot Camp Backup allows Mac users to not only backup but, in case of a disaster, restore Windows partitions in a matter of minutes. The new software also allows full system migration without any risk to data loss or system stability."

For those that are interested in jumping right into this software, Paragon-Software has offered a Beta Testing program. Those who can provide valuable feedback or suggestions will be granted access and a 30% discount on the final commercial version. Additionally, those who are most valuable in their feedback will receive one of 40 free commercial licenses of the Boot Camp Backup software.

To download the software without joining the beta program or for anybody who is interested in more features you can view the online page here . If you would like to join the beta program, you can click here to sign up.

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