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Re-Ring Gone Bad

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Hello, I got a problem with a rebuild job that i have never had before.
The motor is a chevy 5.7 1989 tbi hydro cam with 2 bolt main and two piece rear main seal.
The problem, the motor has been cleaned and preped for the rebuild, i glaze broke the cylinders, i installed the crank and started installing the pistons however after i have installed three of them no matter the order the motor lockes up solid it cant be spun by hand.

any tips
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Hi Vic Automotive

Check the end play of your crank shaft by hooking up a dial indicator , somehow your crank isn't sitting properly.

post back your results.
What has been done to prep the engine for assembly.....and what do you mean "turn by hand"?? If you can't easily turn the crank with a breaker bar (and socket) on the harmonic balancer bolt you have a problem. If you don't need a breaker bar you still have a problem.........

Have you kept the rod caps together?? All caps (including the mains) are not interchangeable and must be kept together as a unit and should have been marked for location......cyl #1, cyl #2....etc. with the markings on one side of the cap only.

Have you replaced the bearings with oversized bearings.....can only be done if the crankshaft has been turned and the bearings must .010 under....up to .030 under.

Are you doing a "dry assembly"?? All moving parts should have a liberal coating of motor oil or a thin coating of Lithium grease.
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