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RDP session hanging

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I have a user setup with an RDP session to connect to a server to run an application.

On his old PC, he would be using the app most of the day and would be away from his desk for periods of time but still be able to go back and use the app.

I moved him to a new PC but the same OS - Win XP, SP3. However since then he has been having issues with the app - when he comes back to his desk the app is still open but does not respond and after awhile he has to kill off the RDP session and start again.

I have setup the RDP on my PC with his credentials but am unable to repeat the problem. If I leave the app idle, it will prompt me to log back in again but I can contimue on from where I left it.

I though it might be power settings so I have switched them all off.

Any ideas or suggestions ?

- pm
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We get this a lot - Have you tried it in /Console?

START> RUN> "MSTSC /Console", OK.
What does that do for me ?

Do I use this option all of the time or just once ?

Add it to the end of your shortcut and that's it - Job done!
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