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Razer MS habu at Windows Vista 64-bit

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I got my Habu for Christmas, and first I used long time to make it work on Windows XP.
But when I upgraded to Vista the mouse wont work as it should. First it worked fine, I didn't find it in "Razer Habu Config", but it worked as it should. Now when I use it, it "disconnects" after a short time. When I click on a button it connects again, and then disconnects again after a short time.

I have tried pretty much.
The last I tried was this page:
But it wont work.. So I'm really frustrated now, I have to make it work.

I appreciate every answer that leads to the answer to my problem.

- Bugnor
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Check your device manager for any yellow alerts, and that only one mouse is listed.
I've got a Habu and occasionally have problems with the sensitivity and a the axis' messing up.

But I've read on numerous occasions that the Habu has been prone to some dodgy cabling and that this causes the mouse to connect and disconnect randomly.
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