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Razer Lachesis mouse driver installation causes BSOD

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Hi everyone,

This is such a great forum by the way - I haven't used it before but I've read a few posts and everyone seems so helpful! I'll try to make my situation as understandable as possible.

Firstly, the required specs:

· Windows 7 (Ultimate I think)
· 64 bit
· Brand new computer. I installed XP. Then reformatted to install Win7.
· Full retail version
· ~3-4 years
· ~1-2 years
· Q6600 2.4Ghz overclocked to ~3.2Ghz
· nVidia 8800GTS 320mb
· Asus P5E x48 (I think) - with Rampage Formula drivers
· Antec TruPower (not sure) ~500W

  • Have always used my Razer Lachesis mouse (used to be on old XP firmware/driers)
  • And then I installed Windows 7 (and I probably updated to the latest Windows 7 drivers)
  • I recently decided to upgrade to the newest firmware/drivers from the official Razer Lachesis page.
  • The firmware installs fine.
  • Upon installation of the driver, I got a BSOD.
  • Upon restart, it said I had a corrupt file of a 3 letter (.sys file) which I forgot. Something like 'cng.sys' maybe. It booted up fine though using the recovered option.
  • The Razer Configurator software didn't install and there was no more Razer folder in Program Files (but there used to be).
  • So I believe the drivers didn't install.
  • I try again, and I keep getting BSOD with some dump where the number counts upwards.
So I'm pretty sure it's because of the new mouse driver I'm trying to install for my mouse. Not sure what's the conflict though. Any help much appreciated :)


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Yah, from the past two crashdumps (both dated April 5), it's definitely the mouse drivers (Lachesis.sys reported for both), and it's performing the same exact thing. I can't tell without a kernel dump what's actually going on, but whatever it did, it looks like it's corrupted the crashdumps as well (lots of information is zeroed).

Are you installing the correct drivers for it? You are installing the Windows 7 64-bit drivers, yes? I've noticed as well researching this that many other people are experiencing awful compatibility issues with 64-bit version of Vista and their Lachesis, and I'm feeling that this incompatibility has transferred over to Windows 7 as well.

Further inspection has me eyeballing a particular driver that kept unloading itself, thrice in each crashdump, that being LVUSBS64.sys. I know from research it's related to a USB Logitech device, most likely a webcam or speakers, but not entirely sure on that. You should determine this based on your own personal PC setup. Whatever Logitech item you have, you may wanna go into Device Manager and right click the device then click "Disable". Restart the PC. Then install the Lachesis drivers and restart as usual. If it still crashes, just simply consider the Lachesis as being incompatible to Windows 7 environment. Otherwise, it may very well be the Logitech device doing something funky and the Lachesis drivers have been left with the bag.
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