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Got a problem I'm stuck on for a computer customer of mine.

The problem: every so often, the video signal will drop. The monitor is:

Samsung, SyncMaster 912 t A, analog/digital
Monitor model code: MJ19DSTBV

And the video card is some sort of nvidia rage I believe. Computer is HP Pavilion xt 948. Monitor is connected via standard 15 pin cable.

This is the original message the guy sent me:

Error: During warm boot or after extended non-use while still powered on, loss of video from CPU occurs. Can occur from desktop image or from inside an application, like Outlook, if left open. Screen blacks out & a floating message rectangle appears stating: Not optimum mode, resolution 1280 x 1024. screen operation is restored if CPU power remains on & monitor cable & power cord are detached from monitor for 20 seconds then re-cabled & then monitor power reconnected.

We have tried all sorts of different settings, from changing the resolution, changing refresh rate, ensuring in the BIOS that the video mode is on AGP and not PCI. We have reinstalled drivers, tried a different 15 pin cable. We have moved the monitor to a laptop, and it works fine there, though, since the problem is fairly random, it may be safe to say that we have not fully excluded the monitor from being the problem.

Any ideas?

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