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Random Video Crashes

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Okay, I'm a computer Technician, and this is a problem I encountered on my personal box, that I have never seen before..., Okay, here's how it goes, when I turn my computer on, it runs fine, for about 10-15 minutes, then there seems to be a video lock up, and my screen goes blank, but, the hardrives, power supply, everything else is still going. I have tried three different video cards, and countless different combinations of ram, including trying all my chips one at a time. I even installed my OS again, and was faced with the same problem, I've also tried different harddrives. Here are the specs, Asus K8v Motherboard, with socket 754, Athlon 2800+ running at the reccomended 1.8 GHZ, ATI Radeon 9800 Video Card, 1.5 gigs ***orted ram (Ultra, Kingston, Crucial). 2 120 Gig Maxtor Harddrives, and 1 160 gig maxtor, HP DVD+Burner, and a LiteOn 56x Cd Writer. I am at a loss as to why this would ever happen, any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, after it shuts down and I restart it the time it stays running decreases and decreases. But only when windows is running does it do this little trick, never during POST. So I am lead to believe it is a cooling problem, but I've gone as far as to put a box fan up next to it pulling air out of the case, but it does nothing.

Thank You
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you point the fan in not drawing out,check your temps and voltages with speedfan
are you underpowered
I've checked my temps, and voltages before, and I have pointed the fan in..., Temps usually run in between 90F-120F, and I can get it up to 130F if I turn my fans all the way down and play Doom 3, but that's irrelevant, those are the correct temps for the PROC
Plus my power supply is a 500 watt X-Connect
swap in another ps to check if yours is faulty,you have virtually elimainated everything else
This sounds somewhat like my problem. When you say "video lockup", have you seen any color distortion, overlay, or patterned garbage? My screen does not go blank, but I have the same problem with it running shorter and shorter times after it fails once.

And did you ever get this resolved? :confused:
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