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Random restart's

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Hi all
First posting on anything like this spent a few hours reading through some of the questions to find help Iv'e no computer knowledge so I'm fumbling in the dark maybe I've caused the problem myself
I like to play disc games, computer is 2.20 giahertz [hav'nt a clue]
memory 256 MB Ditto
everything started going very slow
Afriend recomended I get more RAM so I went out and bought another memory module 512 I took the spec's info from the manual but did not feel sure I got the right thing got no help from shop after fitting this seems to have started the problems I removed the memory thing but problem stayed what can I do to put it right
please try to explain as simply as pos cos I'm totally green
regards Lyn
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Hi and welcome to TSF :wave:

When you get a restart do you see a blue screen with STOP error on it?
It won't be the RAM if its not a Blue screen as above but power supply or heat related, most likely.

*Can you download this software: Sensors View
*Install it and run it. It'll then give you temperatures and voltages.
*Post them back here please.

-Also, what PSU (Power Supply Unit) do you have make/model/max. wattage? (you can open the case and check by reading off its label.. its easy and no need to touch anything either)
-If you don't know, is the computer an OEM like from Dell, HP etc, or is it a custom build (if OEM, what is the make/model usually printed at front, front bottom or back of computer)?

Will wait your replies before going any further.
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