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Random Resets Problem (Quick!)

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Hello all!
I'm a college student, on winter break, and I just built my parents a computer. Unfortunately, my break has run up, and i'm leaving in an hour or so...and the computer isnt finished. It has been doing this wierd thing where it restarts windows every 45 minutes or so. I have no idea how to fix this, and I was wondering if anyone here could suggest something for me to do. Thanks for all of your time! After this one last problem is fixed, I can quit being stressed out about leaving this machine with my parents.
-ECS P4M800Pro-M (v.2) + integrated sound and video
-2.8 ghz Intel D
-1 stick corsair 512MB DDR400
-40GB Western Digital SATA hd
-maxtor dvd/cd-rw combo
-broadxent v.92 modem
-some brand's 300W power supply
-windows xp professional installed (but had similar problems when windows 98 was installed,previously)
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Okay, we went out and purchased an antec 450w power supply, but the problem still exists. We needed to get another power supply anywho, so i'm not at all upset about spending the $60 on it. However, the problem is still quite frustrating. I looked on some other forums, and some people said that it may be a chipset driver issue. I tried to reinstall all the drivers, and aparently, there were some that i actually overlooked and didn't install. Howevever, I ran into a whole new problem when installing motherboard drivers..

does anyone know what i am to do when the driver setup asks me to 'choose windows os path'? I've tried typing in c:\windows, C:\Windows, \WINDOWS and all the different variations, but the setup still says that i've entered the incorrect path. Any suggestions to what I should do? THanks, again.
turn off the auto reboot so you receive the bsod error and post it in full
bananax182, I am having the same exact problem with the same model ECS motherboard - what did you do stop it from randomly restarting?
Last i spoke to my dad, the problem still exists...the computer randomly resets, only the weird thing is, even after setting automatic reboot off, the bsod doesn't come just still continues to restart..ahhhh what could it be..
does it start in safe mode
put your specs into here
and add 30% to the end result
calculated to 30% around don't think it is a power problem anymore, with the new supply we bought...

and were you asking if the computer reboots into safe mode? Because it does a reboot just as if you had pressed the reset button on the case. Also, im pretty sure its not a problem with the case...
no what i am asking is when you start it in safe mode do you still get the reboot
if you do it will indicate a hardware problem
if it does'nt it will indicate a software problem
438 to 450 is not much leeway,the reason i asked is current day computers you expect to find a supply with a min 550+ range running them and no error message usually indicates power
oh, i see..
well, i'll tell me dad to give the safe mode thing a try
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